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For this months Hour of Kush broadcast I proudly present the music of THE IRRESISTIBLE FORCE, also known as Mixmaster Morris.
Hour of Kush Vol.16 by The Irresistible Force
1. It’s Tomorrow Already
2. Waveform
3. The Lie-In King
4. Nepalese Bliss
5. Fish Dances
6. Sunstroke
7. Playing Around With Sound
Known as one of the Godfathers of Chillout Music, Mixmaster Morris, and The Irresistible Force are an underground legend that hardly needs any introduction. He has made his name as the hardest working chillout DJ in the world. Relating specifically to ambient music, Morris stated “It’s exactly what you need if you have a busy and stressful life”.
Hour of Kush is presented by Gnomes of Kush. Gnomes of Kush is a project from the fertile mind of Tony D’Oporto, also known as The Gnome. A native of Southern California, Tony has been at the forefront of electronic music culture since the early 1990’s where he has worked in a variety of styles that include Trance, Ambient and Chill Out backed by countless performances throughout North America.
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